The smallest of the world Blu-ray burner

And Pioneer has returned to loop the loop with the announcement that could become its own right into the smallest of the world Blu-ray burner.

Obviously we are talking about a computer laptop, a USB 2.0 connection-based, but capable of recording the last 128 Gb known as BDXL Blu-ray discs.

We are talking about the new portable computer Pioneer BDR-XD04R. A team of just 133x133x14.8mm and what is more shocking: a tiny mass of 240 grams. Available in red, black, and white colors with this new recorder not only can "toasting" CDs and DVDs of all the life at maximum speeds of up to 24 X, but also records Blu-ray (BD-R) up to 6 X. All this without worrying about "coasters" thanks to its internal buffer of 4 Mb.

By the time available in the Asian market, expected that it goes on sale this month of July, with a suggested retail price of 15,000 yen (about 150€ to change).

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